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 We live in Zerovice, it is in the southwest of the Czech Republic. Zerovice is a small village, it has a population of 233. It is situated in an agricultural area, surrounded by fields. The nearest town Přeštice is two kilometres away.

Zerovice is a fantastic place to live, because of the peace and quiet. For example on a spring morning, when the sun rises, everyone can open the window, breathe the fresh air and listen to the birds. People like walking in the countryside, it is possible to see roes and hares there. And what about cultural life in Zerovice? The most popular places are the restaurant and the library with many interesting books. Teenagers and children use the public internet. The librarian is a computer specialist, so people often bring their broken computers or they come for technical advice. In the centre of Zerovice there is the village green, where we can see the newly-repaired chapel. Behind this beautiful chapel, there is the bank, where the older people often meet to sit and gossip. Boys and men go to the playing field to play handball. There is also a large tennis court. Another famous place is our farm with two horses, hens and a small flock of sheep. People can buy lamb, apples, eggs or other products here. Children from town sometimes come to ride the horse.

Although there are many positive things in our village, there are some negative things too. For example there is no grocery shop. Old people, who don't have a car or driving licence, have to walk or go by bus to Přeštice to buy food. Travelling by bus is quite difficult too, because there run only two buses in the early morning, which are usually full of children. About 30 years ago, there was a primary school in Zerovice. Now it is closed, children have to attend school in Přeštice and the nearest high school is 22 km away.

In conclusion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. When you have a car, you can easily get to the town, travelling to Pilsen takes only twenty minutes. People who prefer country to city would be satisfied with living in Zerovice.

Written by Jitka

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